New Competition.

I would like you to write out a piece of poetry or prose about Christmas/Winter in “nice” handwriting – Copperplate, Spencerian or whatever style you like.

Photograph or scan your entry and post it here or on the VPP Facebook thread.

I will then judge the entries on Christmas Eve.

The prize will be a fountain pen (obviously) but I haven’t decided which one yet.

It could be another Hero Summer Color or a Lamy Safari or maybe a Pelikan Twist!!

No!! The Prize will be a Parson’s Essential in your choice of colour and nib size.

The pen has been kindly donated by Peter Ford of Mr Pen.



6 thoughts on “New Competition.

  1. Ade, I’m hoping this embed code from flickr will work. I chose this poem because it is about Winter both literally and spiritually, and it has always been one of my favorites. In my mind, he captures perfectly the hush that comes with new-fallen snow. I framed as if looking out a window, and used a Namiki Falcon with Iroshizuku Syo Ro for the ink color (as well as Edelstein Adventure for the tree, and Private Reserve Black Cherry for the windowframe).

    Enjoy! What a fun contest.

  2. If you can’t add photos of your entry here you can either post them on the VPP page on Facebook or in reply to my entry on the FPN PIF thread. Or in the last resort PM me on FPN!!

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