Dr Who…..(Spoiler alert)

Watched the mini episode with Paul McGann………
poses more questions than it answers!!
I’m looking forward to next weekend’s 50th Anniversary episode.

7 thoughts on “Dr Who…..(Spoiler alert)

  1. I’m guessing the John Hurt incarnation is the one who fought in the time war between the time lords and te daleks. Did you see the Matt Smith short during Children in Need? Perhaps he has to pull all the doctors together to achieve victory?

  2. Indeed John Hurt’s War Dr fought the Time War – Paul McGann regenerated into John Hurt in The Night of the Doctor” (exclusive on iPlayer).
    But it throws out the numbering of the Drs!!

  3. How’s that? Paul McGann was never seen regenerating into Chris Ecclestone was he? In which case that could take place at the end of next weekend’s episode. Or perhaps there were more we don’t yet know about.

    • In the mini episode released online on Thursday “The Night of the Doctor”(have you seen it yet) Paul McGann regenerated into a young John Hurt. Therefore Paul McGann = 8, John Hurt = 9 and Chris Ecclestone was thought to also be 9!!
      No doubt “The Day of the Doctor” will resolve the dilemma!!

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