Wishing I was at the DC Pen Show!

DC Pen Show this weekend, having seen video and pictures I really would like to go. It seems like a huge event and I could get to meet all these pen people that I know online. I am going to the Londo Show on 4th October.

Long time, no blog

It has been a busy year. Work crazy as ever.

30 Year Med School Reunion – I can hardly believe it has been so long. Next stop Retirement!!


I totally forgot to mention I was doing InCoWriMo. I sent out 36 letters to “new” people in February and as of today I have had 13 replies. I’m not sure how many to expect. I did write to a lot of people who promised a reply and who said they replied to everybody who wrote to them last year, so……

Wait and see.

The Pen Habit

This is another website/youtube channel I’m now following.

Matt Armstrong has got a Paperforfountainpens Giveaway until 22/3/14.

So regarding my entry – The worst paper I have used IMHO is G.Lalo, I can’t stand the ridges!! 

In Cardiff

It has been a very busy couple of weeks since Christmas. Work was very hectic as all my team were away for various reasons. I was feeling very frazzled but now I’m in Cardiff visiting my Mum for 2 weeks. There are things I need to do for Mum but a change is as good as a rest. I hope I will feel rested when I return home.

Dr Who Christmas Special (spoilers)

Disappointing handover episode, confusing story and a general let down. I understand that the Dr now has another 12 regenerations (from the review I read the next day but I didn’t understand that from the episode).

NaBloPoMo Fail!!

Well I didn’t manage a daily post – but it was a mad month.
Very much “Stop the World I want to get off!”
As well, here’s to a better 2014!!